InBody 770 Body Composition Analyzer

What does the InBody 770 do?

The InBody 770 provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance. Body water, proteins, minerals and body fat, which are all components of the human body closely relate to the status of our health. Using the method of quantitative analysis, these elements of body composition and body composition analysis provide basic information required for assessing the status of the body.InBody final2

How does the InBody 770 technology work?

The InBody utilizes the BIA method. First used in the late 60’s, the bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) method measures body water by obtaining the impedance index. It attains this by applying a very small amount of ac current to the body, and as this current is passed through the body’s fluids and structures, the exact measurements that has made the InBody the go-to body composition analyzing tool of the professionals are generated.

How accurate are the InBody’s results?

The world’s medical professionals have proven the clinical reliability of the InBody through numerous articles.

The InBody has a 98.4% correlation with the DEXA, a gold standard method in body composition analysis, and the InBody’s own technology hold patents in various countries around the world!

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