Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Rental

Newtowne C4-40

Our Mid-Size MHBOT Chamber

Rental Options:
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Configurations are available with or without 10 Liter Per Minute O2 Concentrator.

Product Specifications:

  • 40” Diameter
  • 96” Length
  • 4” Curve Mat w/ Cover
  • View Ports: 2
  • NO Belts or Buckles
  • Exterior Steel Frame Included
  • Exclusive dual safety zippers with a custom airtight zipper for a triple zipper entry system

Military Pricing on All Hyperbaric Chambers

Active duty and retired military can get up to $1200 off of their purchase or rental hyperbaric chamber. Ask an associate for more details.

Horizontal Orientation

Vertical/Walk-In Orientation

Space-Saving Design

Sturdy, Long-Lasting Materials

Rental Program Pricing Details:

RENTAL PROGRAMMonth 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5+
With O2 Concentrator$1699.00$1399.00$1199.00$999.00Call for more details
Without O2 Concentrator$1399.00$1199.00$999.00$899.00Call for more details

Delivery Fees, Addons, & Notes:​

All units are subject to local delivery and or shipping fees.

Delivery/pickup and setup fees are as follows:
100 miles or less: $249.00
250 miles or less: $349.00
400 miles… MAX: $399.00

Delivery/pickup and setup fee is a one-time charge taken before the install of the unit.

Rental units can be changed over to the lease to own program for a flat rate fee of $500.00.

Each rental unit will come with 5 Oxygen dispensing cannulas. More units can be purchased at any time. If the extras need to be shipped, shipping expenses will be added.

Lease-to-Own Program Pricing Details:

Month 1Month 2Month 3
Buyout Price$10999.00$10499.00$9999.00

C4-34 Newtowne laydown chamber with 10L oxygen Concentrator.

Lease to own program can be 30, 60, or 90-days in duration​

Units can be purchased at any time during the duration of the lease.

  • If the unit is purchased during the first 30 days, the valuation process
    falls into (Month 1) listed above. 31st-60th day, (Month 2) and 61st-
    90th (Month 3).
  • If the unit isn’t purchased at any time during the first 90 days, then
    the unit falls into the “rental” category. If the unit is kept longer than
    90 days then “rental” pricing will begin for the remainder of the lease.
See the pricing chart below for details on lease cost and buyout price based on the month:

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