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Ben Bybee’s Testimonial Video on how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helped him with his post Covid 19 symptoms.

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Josh Rock’s Experience with HBOT and PTSD

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HBOT Helps Diabetic Patient

I purchased a hyperbaric chamber from InsideOut in August of 2021 for my out of control diabetes. No matter what I do with diet or other interventions my A1C is still always over 11. Today with just adding a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in my home and doing sessions 3-4 times a week my A1C is now down to 7.1. I would recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy to anyone suffering from diabetes.   Willard B

HBOT Helps Leukemia Patient

I love the knowledgeable and friendly owner and family staff. Efficiency, cleanliness, sanitary conditions are a five star for sure. Living with leukemia the oxygen chamber helps me so much, giving me a sense of well being. Thank you.

Pamela Dawber

HBOT Helps Autistic Daughter

InsideOut has taken my Autistic daughter to a more functional level. She has gained confidence and coordination.

Brandon Price

HBOT Helps with Toxic Mold

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with an inflammatory illness due to exposure from toxic mold. In researching this illness, I learned that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy would help get rid of the mold inside my body along with the inflammation. I was so happy when a friend referred me to InsideOut Hyperbaric. The moment I walked through the door I knew I was in the right place. The staff there immediately understood what I was going through and sincerely wanted to help me regain my health. Through a clean diet, supplements, exercise, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, I am on my way to recovering from this illness. I am very grateful to the staff at InsideOut Hyperbarics for helping me not only physically, but emotionally as well-their friendship and support has been such a blessing as I continue to heal.

Linda W.

HBOT Helps 3 year-old Autistic Boy

My 3-year-old son is on the autistic spectrum and we have currently been in the chambers 16 times and the change I see in him already is so awesome! His cognitive skills have gotten better and with limited speech, it is progressing a little bit too! He is now using a spoon to feed himself and absolutely loves to be in the chamber. He gets so mad if he has to wait for a chamber! Right as we walk through the door he runs back to the room. This is definitely worth bringing him here and I encourage anyone that has a kid with autism to come try it. It could help!


HBOT Helps with Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, and Lower Back Pain

My husband went to a counseling seminar and Ryan Brinkerhoff owner and manager of InsideOut Hyperbarics gave a presentation about what HBOT can do. He talked about their healing power and gave each counselor two free dives. We both used them. David was particularly concerned because two of his siblings have died of Alzheimer’s. He was showing some indication that he could be in the early stages of the disease. He did poorly on the memory test at his yearly exam and consulted with an expert. I have suffered for many years with arthritis and lots of pain in my lower back. I have had several cortisone shots and two frequency ablations. These have reduced my pain a little but not impressively.

So we consulted with Ryan about the protocol for these two concerns and enjoyed these results: David has returned to being a temple worker because his memory is sharp again. At his most recent annual physical, he passed his memory test without any difficulty. While I still have pain, it has been reduced by about 80%. But I’m most excited about my energy levels. I had been able to clean the house for at most 1 1/2 hours at a time, then I would have to rest. Now I can work for 6 or more hours. I also lost about 12 pounds and have more hair, results I had not expected.
Ryan, Amy and the rest of the staff are lovely people who treat all patrons like family.

David and Marva Coombs

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps with Cartilage Regeneration

Started going to InsideOut Hyperbaric and Wellness Center back in Sept. 2016 and still going today. I had bone on bone in my knees and was attracted to HBOT to increase stem cell production, and collagen production. I enjoy playing senior softball, but with this problem, it was hard to enjoy because I was unable to run. Ryan took time to find out what vitamins and dietary supplements I needed to help with the growth of new cartilage. With the help of stem cell injections and the above items, I can run again and play softball. I also have noticed that when I get a cut or bruise these heal much quicker than before. Well worth the investment for the stem cell therapy.

Ron McGlothlin

HBOT Helps with Memory Loss, Energy and Improved Skin Texture

My name is Harriet Killshorse. I am 50 Plus and have been using Ryan’s HBOT chamber for over a year, with spectacular results. I was originally drawn to use the chamber to combat a worsening case of forgetfulness which I believe was early onset dementia. The symptoms of losing short-term memory at any time were severely affecting my business communication with customers of my small business. As this forgetfulness progressed far past just not remembering peoples names, to having to VOID every third check I wrote by mistake, I started looking for help within my budget and locale.

After only two months of once a week relaxing, pampering nap sessions under Ryan’s direction my memory became sharp and clear again. I have found the looked-for results last me up to 3 weeks if life gets busy and I cannot get in. It is non- invasive, totally natural, and a nice relaxing break in a busy town day. It has had marvelous side effects along with healing my main concern: it has increased bone density (which I had been monitoring with Osteopenia), increased my energy, really allowed me to heal faster with my physical workouts, and greatly improved skin texture. And watch out! It will restore your sex drive through better blood flow. A friend asked me recently if I was still going to use the chamber and I answered yes. She then asked me how long I would keep doing the treatments. Without even thinking I answered for the rest of my life! What works for our best athletes a most in-danger hospital patients works wonders for me!

Harriet Killshorse

HBOT Helps with PTSD

InsideOut Hyperbaric treatments have allowed me to regain focus of thoughts and calm my mind. I have suffered from PTSD since 2009 and have tried various methods and pharmacology to help. By far HBOT has rapidly improved my mood and physical effects of PTSD.

Josh Rock

HBOT Helps with Coordination and Memory

My mother passed away from Alzheimer’s when she was 5 years older than I am now. I decided to try the chamber so I wouldn’t get that. After about 40 dives I have better memory, better coordination, better driving skills, and an easier time running. I highly recommend it!

Bill Hammons

HBOT Helps with Depression, Energy and Focus

After going through several illnesses, I felt very tired and depressed. I didn’t want to socialize much, preferring to stay in bed. A friend recommended I try Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. After a few treatments, my energy level increased and I began to be up and moving more. Next, I noticed that my mood had improved and my ability to focus became clearer. I enjoy working with the staff at InsideOut Hyperbaric and Wellness Center. They are knowledgeable and put me at ease. They were able to work with my schedule.

Sandra Hathaway

HBOT Helps with Lyme Symptoms

My name is Annie and I have suffered from multiple symptoms of Lyme disease for the past 5 years. Primarily exhaustion, stomach/digestion issues, and severe brain fog. The staff at InsideOut Hyperbaric and Wellness Center completely blew me away from day one. They treated me with so much respect and they really listened to everything I was saying. I felt like they genuinely wanted to help me get my life back. At first, I was anxious about starting and getting into the chamber. I didn’t know how I would feel, but the staff explained everything to me in a way that I could understand and that really calmed me down.

Besides that, the oxygen always made me feel so much better while I was in the chamber; I couldn’t wait to get in each day. I started noticing that my energy levels were improving as well as my digestive issues. As time went on and I completed more and more sessions, the Herx detox reactions would show up like clockwork as my body was finally getting rid of the Lyme. The treatment itself always made these reactions easier to handle, and over time became less intense. I started feeling more and more normal, and I couldn’t believe it. I can’t thank Ryan and Amy enough!


Annie H.